Quickly watch security footage

If you have one of those handy Sandisk lightning or USB-C sticks you can watch it on your iPhone or smartphone.

If you have a Tesla with the sentry mode option make sure you have a USB stick with lightning (for iPhone users) or a USB stick with USB-C (for Android or iPad Pro users) inserted and set it up to record while sentry mode is on.

For this procedure you need to unplug the USB stick from your Tesla first. Make sure you do that safely by pressing and holding the dashcam icon until it grays out.

iOS users: After recording plug it into your iPhone or iPad with iOS / iPadOS 13 or higher and you will be able to view the footage in the files app.

Android users: After recording plug the USB stick into your Android device and follow the instructions on screen to view its contents.

This tip is from the author and owner of this website, Remie Cremers. Find me on LinkedIn. Are you buying a Tesla? Feel free to use my referral link for 1000 miles of free Supercharging! https://ts.la/remie90440

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