All ways to open the charge port!

Any model that has the motorized charge door. You can open it just by tapping on the charge door.

Note: The car has to be awake. You can wake your car by slightly using the closest doorhandle without opening the door.

All other ways, open the charge door…

  • …by pressing on the charge door (bottom corner)
  • …from the screen inside your Tesla
  • …from your Tesla app
  • …by pressing the button on a Tesla charger handle
  • …by pressing and holding the trunk button on your keyfob

This tip is from Ride the Lightning episode 170 by DJ from North Central Ohio and can be found at around 1:43:15 in the episode.

All other ways to open the charge door are by Charles Gauthier from Canada. To thank Charles you can use his Tesla referral link: Charles28888

Find this awesome podcast here:

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