Become a sentry mode master!

First, you don’t have to tap the dashcam button to save sentry mode clips they save automatically. Click for more!

Also you can easily view your Sentry Mode clips with the iOS app called SentryView. For android users there is an app called SentryMode. Be aware that for both those apps you need a USB stick that can be connected to your phone.

See this tip if you want an iPhone compatible thumb drive.

For the real geeks here you can also have a Rasberry Pie transmit the footage wirelessly to your home server. Check this out on Github. You can even get a notification on your phone when footage is stored at your home server or computer. Also you can use software called Sentry Keeper. Which can stitch together the footage from multiple camera’s.

This tip is from Ride the Lightning episode 210 by Robert from Los Angeles and Andrew from Bakersfield California and can be found at around 11:57 and 17:07 in the episode.

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