Optimize your range

Check the recommended tire pressure in the door panel of you Tesla vehicle and optimize regularly.

For best economy, range and tire longevity, pay close attention to the recommended tire pressure. This is much more important on an electric vehicle than on a light-weight gasoline car.

On the door panel of your car, the recommended tire pressure is listed — in my Model S, this is a surprisingly high 45 psi. A Tesla mechanic explained that this precise pressure is required for several reasons: (a) it’s a very heavy car, about double a standard sedan; (b) higher tire pressure ensures that the tires don’t “roll” on curves, causing excessive wear and even tire sidewall failure, and (c) the higher pressure, “harder” tire, gives less rolling resistance and therefore best range and economy.

Be aware that even if you begin your drive with 45 psi, it will increase on the highway to 46 or 47. That’s okay and natural. What counts is the cold tire pressure you begin with.

Tesla recommends that you check the tire pressure when the car has not been driven for several hours. In winter or cold weather, you will need to add pressure to every tire; in summer, when it is warmer, you’ll need to release air to stay at the recommended pressure. And, as with any performance car, it is advisable to rotate the tires at least once per year.

This tip is from Tesla Pro Tips readers Brian E. Carlson and Charles Gauthier. As a thank you here are:
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