Stop autopilot nagging

While driving on autopilot to stop the nagging, simply rotate the audio level wheel up or down a bit.

This won’t affect the volume that much, but the nagging is over.

Also you can stop the nagging by either:

  • Scrolling the speed wheel up or down (or follow distance in or out)
  • Tapping the drive stalk down (right side of steering wheel)
  • Or tugging (gently) on the steering wheel

This tip is from Tesla Pro Tips readers Brian E. Carlson and Charles Gauthier. As a thank you here are:
Brian’s Tesla referral code: Brian4366
Charles Tesla referral code: Charles28888

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2 thoughts on “Stop autopilot nagging

  1. An even more effective way to deal with the nags is to hang one arm off the wheel, letting the weight of your forearm apply a small torque to it. This will satisfy AP’s need to know that you’re still there, without applying enough torque to take control. This will prevent the nags from appearing in the first place.

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