Get creative with driver profiles

Driver profiles can be used for more than just mirror and steering wheel settings.

It also saves seat position, driving style, creep on/off and airflow settings. So if you want the airflow right in your face and your partner doesn’t. Make sure you save the driver profiles. Also you might want to save 2 different driver profiles for week and weekend driving… Post your most creative ways to use this in the comments section below!

This tip is from Ride the Lightning episode 175 by Ben from North Carolina and can be found at around 1:08:54 in the episode.

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1 thought on “Get creative with driver profiles

  1. I’ve heard of people from cold regions having a profile of “cold” or “snow” that has slip start enabled. Also heard of a few people who tend to be on the big side that have a profile set that moves the steering wheel out of the way and retracts the seat to make entering and exiting easier.

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