How to properly disengage autopilot

Be ready to take over and then shortly but fully push the autopilot stick up once.

Don’t hold up, it will set your car to neutral!
There’s 2 other way’s to disengage autopilot, by tapping the brake or by taking over the steering wheel. I wouldn’t recommend only to use those 2 methods when you have to take over quickly and of course in an emergency.

Also with only basic AP we don’t have the auto lane change, to make the lane changes easier, put the turn indicator on.  This will reduce the force needed to take over the wheel, and the traffic aware cruise control stays active.  Once in the new lane, double tap the drive stalk down again to reactivate Autopilot.

This tip is from Tesla Pro Tips reader Charles Gauthier. As a thank you here’s Charles Tesla referral code: Charles28888

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For more basic autopilot tips watch this video from: Mother Frunker.

Or check his Youtube channel here.

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