No more Stuck J1772 Power Adapters

First press the button to stop charging, pull out the adapter when the colour light changes then press again to get your adapter off.

Here’s the full explanation:

If you are charging your car at a Tesla charger you can just press the button on the charger handle to stop charging, then pull out the charger handle.

But what about if you are at a public charger that is using the J1772 (North America) 
Well all Tesla’s do come with the J1772 to Tesla adapter for public charging. Simply click the adapter onto the J1772, and plug it into the charge port. 

To get it out you cannot just pull it out. There is a button on the top of the J1772 that you press to release the unit and stop charging, but then the adapter can get stuck in the car.
So press the button on the J1772 to stop charging, when you see the charge light change colour release the button so the charger is now holding the adapter, and easily pull out the adapter. Then press the button again to get your adapter off.

This tip is from Tesla Pro Tips reader Charles Gauthier. As a thank you here’s Charles Tesla referral code: Charles28888

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