Open the charge port quickly

Simply push the button on a supercharging cable to open the charge port door.

This tip is from Ride the Lightning episode 169 by Ryan McCaffrey and can be found at around 1:36:35 in the episode.

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2 thoughts on “Open the charge port quickly

  1. Tesla indicates to plug in your car every time not in use. When I go to plug it in, only to plug in and not charge, it starts charging automatically. How do I change it to only charge when I want it to charge?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I don’t think you can stop it from starting to charge. At least, not without an alternative app connected to your Tesla account. A lot of Tesla owners don’t want to connect their Tesla account to an app that changes the behavior of their car, but if you do you can try an app like Jedlix:

      What you can do, without a third party app, is change how far the car will charge. So you can, but maybe you already know, change the max percentage of the charge. Simply tap the battery icon and tap “change limit”.

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